The Camiguin Map

You always looked for it, but never could find ...

Here you go!

Finding a map of Camiguin Island isn't difficult. The problem is finding an accurate map.

On Camiguin live a lot of creative people. If you are one of them and want to help with these maps, then please click

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Three maps

Interactive Barangay Map

Find all Barangays on Camiguin island in this map.

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Camiguin Open Street Map

Hiking or biking, you need a topographic map.

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Camiguin Topographic Map

The first and only topographic map of Camiguin.

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and there is more ...

There are maps you can download and use without access to the Internet. Please be aware that these maps can be up to 30 Megabytes. You will need a rather good Internet connection. (OMG on Camiguin island ...)

If you use these maps commercially for a resort or an enterprise, then think of making a donation. 250 Pesos for a small map would be fine. For the large ones 500+ Pesos would cover our expenses.

The Camiguin Barangay Map

Sorry, this map does not yet work on mobile devices.

The Camiguin Open Street Map

Even you can improve this map.

The Camiguin Topographic Map

This map isn't free, please think of making a donation.

A donation to cover our expenses is much appreciated