Improve the Camiguin Map

There is still a lot of work to - let us do it together!

Here you start!

Creating up to date maps is a pemanent struggle.

Our little island is changing all the time. Tracking of these changes keeps us occupied. Changes can come from nature. Landslides change our hills and lowlands. The sea modifies the coastline.

Most of the changes we make oureslves. We build houses, we construct new roads, we correct the bed of a river, we extend ports or the airport.

Let's have a look at our airport. The upper satellite photo is by Bing. The lower photo is by Google.

Bing satellite photo

Google satellite photo

There are big differences. The "Bing" photo had been taken during wet season, the "Google" photo was taken during dry season. The "Bing" photo is older. The airport's arrival building is still missing. Alessandros "Dolce Vita" restaurant had not yet been built.

In both satellite pictures you can also find completely misplaced businesses. In the "Bing" photo you find "July's Heaven" seaside resort at the intersection of the highway and the road to Bolok-Bolok. This is absolutely wrong!

In the "Google" photo you find "Seascape Dive Resort" within the compound of "Camiguin Aviation". Maybe Sean is now sky-diving!

It is almost impossible to correct these maps

If you had made the error yourself then you can ask Google/Bing to correct it. You have to identify yourself the same way you did when placing the wrong item. Correcting somebody else's error is extremely annoying and if ever takes a lot of time.

This is why we make our own map with Open Street Map!

This is a really serious work. But it is so satisfying to contribute to a map seen and used by millions of people around the world. Below we explain how you can contribute either as a scout or as a map designer.

You are a GPS scout

GPS Status App

All you need id a smartphone. Today all smartphone do have a GPS receiver inbuilt to determine the position of the phone.

There are many free GPS apps available for Android and iOS phones. I describe here "GPS Status" for Android. I am using it on my Oppo A7.
The GPS app's main screen displays all the values of the phone's sensors. Before using it you should do two things: Touch the screen and then open the menu.

1. Go to settings --> Units & Formatting --> Location Format: set it to DD.DDDDDD°. This means decimal degrees. Save this format
2. Go back to the main menu and choose Compass callibration. Follw the instructions. This makes the compass finding North!

When you go for a stroll or a hike, all you have to do is getting the coordinates of your start location. Write it down!
Afterwards you get the coordinates at every turn of the road or trail. Write them down! All latitudes start with "9." and all longitudes begin with "124." Forget the altitudes, they are always wrong.
That's all!

Once you are home you send us a short e-mail to with all your locations.
You may also write a post in the facebook group "Camiguin map" Receiving your information we can insert your traces in the map. May be you just add what kind of road, trail or river you followed.

You are a map designer

Before correction

The Mambajao roundabout before correction

After correction

The Mambajao roundabout after correction

All you need is a PC or a Mac, a decent mouse, good eyes and a bit of time.

Then you have to create a free account on

The modifications above took me about 5 minutes. It's a creative past time on a rainy day.

How to use Openstreetmap's editor?

It is really simple. watch the short movie below. It explains the major steps in a few minutes.

Join us, we are already a group 43 map designer working together on the Camiguin map.

A donation to cover our expenses is much appreciated